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A share of new energy vehicles, stocks rose by stimulating

$ 100 Tesla shares on Tuesday station

Yesterday, Tesla shares soaring by the impact, the sharp rise in the A shares of new energy automotive-related stocks, universal money flows, Corun, Jinrui technology, Wei Li billion, Guangzhou Automobile Group have sealed daily limit, pre faucet BYD shares also once intraday limit the impact. Capital flows data show net car plate and lithium plate were the main inflow of 500 million yuan of funds. Transaction returns showed, Wei Li billion eligible institutions bought a net 4.07 million yuan Recently, the US Tesla Motors (Tesla Motors) pocketed the capital market's attention, with exaggerated dazzling, very sci-fi sense of style, and beyond All other models existing electric car mileage, its sports car by the global consumers. A quarterly show, Tesla ModelS sales reached 4,900, exceeding market expectations, but exceeded the sales of other luxury cars in the same price range. Rapid growth in sales, making Tesla ushered in the establishment of the first decade of quarterly earnings. Although the profit was only $ 11 million, and mainly rely on government subsidies to achieve, but let's continue to burn investors see hope, soaring stock price momentum in April of this year, Tesla had also once the share price hovering below $ 40 . In the April 1 rose 15.94% after one fell swoop stand on the $ 40 mark. After that experience began to rise steadily after a brief fall. Date of closing rose 24.40 percent. The next trading day, the stock price continue to be ascribed, and strong consolidation. On Tuesday, after Tesla announced the expansion of its charging network, the stock rose again, intraday topped $ 100 mark. At the close, the stock rose 13.65 percent, to close at $ 110.33. In the last two months, the stock has risen 191.19%, very alarming, the market for new energy vehicles in pursuit of passion also revealed beyond doubt Warren Buffett optimistic about the prospects for new energy vehicles

In fact, Tesla is not a solitary example of new energy vehicle development. From a macro perspective, many countries have in accelerating the pace of development of new energy automotive industry, in particular business model is expected to have first appeared in the public transport sector economic benefits. Warren Buffett has been betting on new energy industry, especially compared insist on holding Chinese battery and car manufacturers BYD's stock, indicating its promising prospects for the development of new energy vehicles, according to media reports, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission four ministries have reached a consensus, China's new energy vehicle subsidies plans to extend for three years, and will expand the scope of the pilot cities. Meanwhile, after the promotion of new energy vehicles in bus-based, the next step will start the private purchase of new energy vehicles in the field of promotion. There are also media reports, the country's new energy automotive industry technology innovation project has been on the FAW Group, Chang'an Automobile, Geely Automobile and other 25 enterprises in the automobile manufacturing support, and industry upstream lithium mining company, the market value of companies such as lithium batteries are also expected to be heavy estimates. Analysts believe that, A-share stocks sought new energy vehicle market, or will continue for some time the A-share stocks of new energy vehicles, the performance of eye-catching yesterday

By Tesla emerged with a bright future, as well as affect the share price rose, A-share stocks have soared recently. After Tesla shares rose again on Tuesday, A shares of new energy vehicles, large stocks rose yesterday to respond. Among them, the Jinrui technology, universal money flows, Wei Li billion, Guangzhou Automobile Group and universal money flows and other sealed daily limit, BYD intraday trading, rose 8.89 percent at the close. FAW Haima, Jinlong car and a power source, also rose more than 6% of capital flows data, autos and lithium plate yesterday were awarded the main net inflow of 584 million yuan of funds and 521 million yuan, of which BYD, universal money flows and FAW other main net capital inflows surpassed 100 million yuan. Return on turnover, Wei Li billion and universal money flows of funds were net purchases, China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. Ningbo cypresses Road securities business department, China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. Shaoxing securities business department and other famous hot money also appeared two shares buy list, and Wei Li billion also received 4.07 million yuan to buy a unilateral mechanism is worth mentioning that, since the current round of new energy vehicles, stocks market starts Express money in a timely manner of the relevant reports such as the 4th of this month to Guangzhou new energy bus project recently started, BYD occasion to limit the impact, the title of the new energy automotive sector trends were reported. After the newspapers, BYD has reached 44.01 percent cumulative increase, becoming one of Keli deserved far led faucet joint force Toyota hybrid battery

Express News Corun (600,478) last night announced that the United States intends to Keli (China) Power Battery Co., Ltd. (US Branch) invested 2.084 billion yen, accounting for 40% of the registered capital of the latter Keli US established in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, manufacturing varieties mounted on nfl football jerseys for cheap the car's nickel-metal hydride batteries single module. Corun said that through the establishment of the joint venture company, to effectively integrate Toyota and Corun both advantages and open up the industry chain, to further enhance the hybrid car battery key technology to reduce battery costs and greatly improve the competitiveness of products and the industry chain as a whole competitive advantage, quickly open the domestic market, thereby significantly improve the company's operating capacity and industry leading capabilities to accelerate the company's hybrid vehicle battery industry development strategy.